Dec 28, 2009

** A Hollywood Ending **

Book Title: A Hollywood Ending (SOLD!!) 
Author: Robyn Sisman
Book Condition: New, Large Paperback

Something is amiss in the perfect world of Paige Carson, movie star and Hollywood princess. Her co-star is a pig. Her Daddy has done the unforgivable. And, at twenty-nine, she's spotted her first wrinkle. The acting parts are drying up, and so is her love life.
Oscar Night is the final humiliation that sends Paige fleeing to London, where she's been offered a Shakespearean role on the stage. She's determined to prove her worth as an actress, lead a 'normal' life - and maybe even snare herself a cute English lord.
But Paige is in for a shock. London is damper, dirtier and far more carb-heavy than she imagined. The men are less Hugh Grant and more Heathcliff, to judge by her stuck-up neighbout, Ed Hawkshead. As opening night looms, Paige must learn not only how to master a decent British accent, but also to stand on her own two feet for the first time.