Dec 8, 2009

** Cast Not The Day **

Title: Cast Not The Day
Author: Paul Waters
Book Condition: Excellent, Only Read Once

It is the middle of the fourth century AD and the Roman empire has been ruled for a generation by Christian emperors. Three brothers - the sons of the emperor Constantine the Great - are joint rulers and ruthless rivals. Beyond its borders, the vast empire is threatened by foreign enemies. And now, at last, the church, with the force of the state behind it, is moving to crush all oppostition to its power. But in Britain there is resistance.
Against this backdrop of civil war and disarray, Drusus, a young British nobleman of Roman birth, learns of the betrayal of his father by enemies at court. He faces the loss of all he has known. As his life is torn apart, he must decide who to trust, who to care for and who to fight; and he must make choices which will forge the man he will become. 


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