Jan 17, 2010

** Nights of Rain and Stars **

Title: Nights of Rain and Stars
Author: Maeve Binchy
Condition: New, Excellent
MYR 20

Four strangers meet in a Greek taverna high above the small village of Aghia Anna. From Ireland, America, Germany and England, they have each left their homes and their old lives, when a shocking tragedy throws them unexpectedly together.
Fiona is trying to make her family understand her need to follow her own path. Thomas desperately misses his young son and fears that his ex-wife will come between them. Elsa abandoned a successful career, but someone from her past refuses to let her go. And shy, quiet David is determined to make a stand against his overbearing father.
Nights of Rain and Stars is the story of one summer and four people, each with a life in turmoil. With the help of Vonni, an Irish woman who lives in the village and is now a near-native, they find solutions - though not necessarily the ones they anticipated.

Jan 14, 2010

** Beach Babylon **

Title: Beach Babylon
Author: Imogen Edwards-Jones
Book Condition: Excellent (Large Paperback)

How does it feel to live and work in one of the most beautiful and luxurious tropical island resorts in the world? Your office is a white sandy beach. You daily commute is past aquamarine seas. How do you maintain the lap of luxury when you're thousands of miles from anywhere? How do you keep some of the richest and most demanding people in the world in call-girls and champagne? And where the hell do you find the energy every day to smile, smile and smile again?
Beach Babylon takes you behind the scenes at a six-star tropical island resort. What do the world's richest people expect during their fortnight in paradise? What happens when the Dom Perignon runs out? What happens when the sun refuses to shine? How do you keep a jaded oligarch happy? Do all the massages in the exclusive spa have happy endings?
In the bestselling tradition of her previous Babylon books, Imogen Edwards-Jones investigates the rivalries and alliances between the staff at a resort where pandering to the guests' most extravagant whims is de rigueur. With a cast of billionaires, celebrities, hangers-on and prostitutes, Beach Babylon takes you to a world where extreme luxury is the norm and where excess somehow isn't always enough.


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** Hotel Babylon **

Title: Hotel Babylon
Author: Imogen Edwards-Jones
Book Condition: Excellent

Something strange occurs to people as soon as they check into a luxury hotel. Otherwise well mannered, decent folk cast their scruples aside as they spin through the revolving doors. Normal rules og behaviour no longer seem to apply.
Everything you read in Hotel Babylon is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. All the anecdotes, the characters, the highs, the lows, the drugs, the seams, the misery and the debauchery are exactly as experienced by Anonymous - someone who has spent his entire career working in some of the most luxurious hotels in London. However, for legal reasons, the stories now take place in the fictional Hotel Babylon. More than a decade is compressed into twenty-four hours. Everything else is as it should be. The rich spend obscene amounts of money, the hotel makes obscene amounts of money and the chambermaids still fight the bellboys over a two-pound coin.


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Jan 7, 2010

** When The Boys Are Away / Take A Chance **

Title: When The Boys Are Away / Take A Chance (Omnibus - 2 Books in 1)
Author: Sarah Webb
Book Condition: Excellent, New
MYR22 (SOLD..TQ!!)

When The Boys Are Away:
Meg Miller had had enough of living out of a suitcase. She'd spent three years trailing around the globe with two children, following her professional sailor boyfriend, Simon. However, when she returns to Dublin she realises that all her friends have moved on, leaving her with only her eccentric family for support. When Simon announces he's moving home for good, Meg quickly discovers that living apart is sometimes easier than living together. But when Simon's past comes back to haunt him, she realises that it's time to stop playing and start fighting for what's important.

Take A Chance:
AbbaFab, the hugely popular Abba tribute band, are in trouble. Gemma Redden, aka Agnetha, has just broken her ankle and finding a new singer to fill her white platform boots at such late notice isn't going to be easy. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the youngest Redden sister, Mia, reluctantly agrees to don the blonde wig and sky-blue hot pants. For Mia, a shy piano teacher who has felt third best all her life, this is her big chance to prove herself to her two big sisters, Wendy and Gemma. But Wendy has been keeping a secret, a secret that could blow the band apart and devastate the close-knit Redden sisters. But secrets have a way of coming out when you least expect them to. And sometimes even the best of sisters gets it horribly wrong.

Jan 2, 2010

** Amanda's Wedding **

Title: Amanda's Wedding
Author: Jenny Colgan
Book Condition: Preowned, Good

Mel and Fran can't believe it when their old schoolfriend Amanda, Satan's very own PR girl, pulls off the ultimate publicity stunt in getting herself engaged to a Scottish laird.
Who cares that Fraser McConnald has worn the same pair of Converse trainers for the last three years and that his castle is a pile of rubble with one Calor Gas heater - she'll be titled!
Gentle, decent Fraser is clearly ignorant of her wiles, and Mel and Fran, still smarting from the memory of all the mean things Amanda put them through in their days at Portmount Comprehensive, set out to sabotage this mismatch of the century.
So between fighting off the attentions of a love-crazed accountant, keeping Fran's deadly manoeuvres with the opposite sex under control and trying to win her own war of love with the elusive but gorgeous Alex, Mel finds herself attending a wild Scottish stag night, a hen night from hell, and preparing for a wedding that's everything you'd wish on your worst enemy.


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** Talking To Addison **

Book Title: Talking To Addison (SOLD!!) 
Author: Jenny Colgan
Book Condition: Preowned, Good

Holly is a frustrated florist whose life doesn't exactly seem to be coming up roses. Fleeing the houseshare from hell, she moves in with Josh, a nice rich boy with a terminal case of sexual confusion; Kate, a city high-flyer with talons to match; and the gorgeous Addision, who spends his days communicating only with his computer and those who worship at the altar of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
Holly's desparate to have a one-to-one with Addison, but can she drag him away from his monstrously ugly, not to say jealous internet 'girlfriend' Claudia, or will they just continually get their wires crossed?  


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