Nov 28, 2009

** Pillow Talk **

Title: Pillow Talk
Author: Freya North
Book Condition: Only Read Once, As Good As New, Large Paperback

Petra Flint and Arlo Savidge were teenage sweethearts in a chaste, old-fashioned way. They never really told each other how they felt. Now, years later, the dreamy and creative Petra is a jeweller by day who crafts beatiful, intricate pieces from precious metals and vibrant gemstones. But by night, she is a sleepwalker, never fully able to rest.
Arlo is living in North Yorkshire teaching at an eccentric boys' boarding school. Like Petra, he carries with him something that makes it hard to sleep at night. In a tiny ice-cream shop one rainy day, Arlo and Petra stand before each other once again. Is this their second chance? Isn't old gold as good as new?
However, for love to blossom, they must finally put their pasts to bed. A past Petra can't quite remember. A past Arlo wants to forget.