Nov 19, 2009

** Past Mischief **

Title: Past Mischief
Author: Victoria Clayton
Book Condition: Pre-owned, Excellent

Miranda Stowes seems to have everything - looks, brains, three children and a beautiful moated manor house in Kent. Then she discovers her husband Jack shot dead, and finds it impossible to keep up the fiction of her perfect marriage. For throughout the nineteen years of their life together, Jack has been constantly unfaithful. As the family struggles to come to terms with Jack's death, Miranda is forced to face the fact that nothing will be the same again. She decides to take in paying guests in order to make ends meet and among her visitors are a brilliant young Hungarian pianist, an elderly painter, and a single mother, desperate for somewhere to live. But just as Miranda is finding her feet in this new life, it seems that Fate has yet more surprises in store.