Jan 14, 2010

** Beach Babylon **

Title: Beach Babylon
Author: Imogen Edwards-Jones
Book Condition: Excellent (Large Paperback)

How does it feel to live and work in one of the most beautiful and luxurious tropical island resorts in the world? Your office is a white sandy beach. You daily commute is past aquamarine seas. How do you maintain the lap of luxury when you're thousands of miles from anywhere? How do you keep some of the richest and most demanding people in the world in call-girls and champagne? And where the hell do you find the energy every day to smile, smile and smile again?
Beach Babylon takes you behind the scenes at a six-star tropical island resort. What do the world's richest people expect during their fortnight in paradise? What happens when the Dom Perignon runs out? What happens when the sun refuses to shine? How do you keep a jaded oligarch happy? Do all the massages in the exclusive spa have happy endings?
In the bestselling tradition of her previous Babylon books, Imogen Edwards-Jones investigates the rivalries and alliances between the staff at a resort where pandering to the guests' most extravagant whims is de rigueur. With a cast of billionaires, celebrities, hangers-on and prostitutes, Beach Babylon takes you to a world where extreme luxury is the norm and where excess somehow isn't always enough.


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